Longview Estate was established by centenary European wine family Vuletich Family in 1969.

The history of the Vuletich Family dated back to the 17th century in Croatia. They plant grapes and brew wines for generations with superb wine-brewing technology. The wines brewed by Vuletich Family were welcomed by the locals, and supplied to the European royal for their excellent quality.

In 1880, the white diamond grape was introduced into Europe after successfully cross bred in New York, which was popular among fruit farmers and enologists. However, most white diamond grape were only served as table grape for upper class for its lower productivity.

It’s the first time for European immigrants to New Zealand after the discovery of Australia and New Zealand by Captain Cook. Vuletich Family were also attracted to visit New Zealand for its the natural landscape, great climate and rich resources, and they wanted to find a suitable territory for planting white diamond grape.

Finally, they found Whangarei Bay as an ideal place for planting white diamond grape and moved to there where locates in northern New Zealand. In 1969, Longview Estate was established as the first winery in the northern New Nealand by Vuletich family.

Vuletich family finally brewed the peerless wine--white diamond wine with applying crafts of hundreds of years and combining with the characteristic of Whangarei's environment. The quality and value of white diamond wine far surpasses than similar products in the world, which is called as the world’s top sweet white wine.

In addition to white diamond wine,
Longview Estate has lots of good wines. Such as:

GUMDIGGERS Series: Mix Dry Red Wine, Port
CHARDONNAY Series: Aging Chardonnay and Reserve Chardonnay
As well as Pinot Noir, Malbec and Gewurztraminer

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