Producing area New Zealand Whangarei producing areas
Year 2015/2016
Alcohol 13%VOL
Capacity 750ML
Type sweet white wine
Serve Suggestion Serve at 4°C
Retailed Price NZ$1206

Wine Review:this wine has lemon-lime color and the flavor of ripen pear, with very rich tropical fruit aromas reminiscent of mango, lychee and the scent of rose. Medium-bodied wine, nice balance between acidity and sweetness, supple texture, concentrated fruit , full and complex and and a long finish.

Holding up a goblet of wine, flavor and aroma envelop your entire face. The strong aroma spreads out from the tip of the tongue while sipping, making ones fresh and relaxed with well-structure, and ends beautifully, full and complex.

Catering guide:suitable for cheese, dessert, Asian cuisine, such as Thai, Indian, Chinese,etc.

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