American sommelier -UP Hedrick.

The Birth of White Diamond Grape
In 1880, the white diamond grape has successfully cross bred by Concord x Iona in New York, which has peel thick, small fruit , high sugar, and strong aroma.

Becoming Endangered Grape Variety
White diamond grape was once popular among fruit farmers for its intense grape flavor and super quality. However, most fruit farmers have to keep it at a peaceful distance for its unfavorable grafting, difficulty replanting, less fruiting and lower productivity. There is a few of places to plant white diamond worldwide. That is the reason why the white diamond grape becomes more and more rare and precious.

White Diamond Grape Receives High Praise for Its Super Quality
Americans believe that White diamond grape is by far the best native American grape specie.In 1908, white diamond grape was hailed as the best green grape by sommelier UP Hedrick.

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