Unique Planting System

2017-02-06 10:08:00

Inheritance of Centenary Cultivation and Brewing technology

“Only 70% is decided by fruit, another 30% is depend on brewing technique”--this has become world’s grape industry consensus, while Longview Estate applies 5:5 golden ratio to brew white diamond wine.

The white diamond grape has high sugar content and strong aroma with mall berries , thick peel, hard grape seed and low liquor output, which holds enologists back. After generations’ developing and practice, Vuletich family mastered a unique maceration and crush technologies that takes the disadvantage of thick peel into advantage to distill the original flavoring substances in grape fruits at the extreme. That is the way to brew charming aroma of white diamond grape.

Putting Quality Before Quantity

—— The Principal of Brewing White Diamond Wine

The Average age of vines is more than 40 years old; To limit the fruit quantity of each vine, ensuring the concentration of each grape juice; Sustainable cultivation methods to eliminate pesticides and chemical fertilizers; Only use protective net to prevent bird infestation; Only use special prepared seaweed solution to supply nutrients; Handpick grapes, those do not meet requirements will be used as organic fertilizer; In case of poor years, the winery would stop the production of white diamonds to ensure its quality and reputation; Unique dip and squeezing technology, low temperature (13.5-15 degrees Celsius) fermentation technology; Wine trellis set up in slopes from west to east, enjoying ample ocean breeze and sunlight.

Pursuit of Excellence, Enjoy Reputation

—— Mr. White Diamond

Mario is picking white diamond grape.



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