The wine diamond wine of Longview Estate is the world’s top sweet white wine. Its annual output is very low, only 5,000 bottles.
Two marketing centers are set up in Greater China and New Zealand to recruit members all over the world, while it’s only 180 quotas in the Greater China.!

The Price and Quota for VIP Member:

Member Gr ade

Member Price(¥/Bo ttle)

Quota of Year(Bottle)

The Quality of the First Purchase (Bottle)

The Amount of the First Purchase (¥)

Limited Nu mber of M ember

Silver member


Gold member

3380 12 6 20280 50

Diamond member

2980 30 12 35760 30

(1)Due to the limited production of white diamond wine, members can purchase only in the quota;
(2)Our company has the right to adjust the membership price and quota according to the annual output and market conditions.
(3)Our company has the right to adjust the member grade and its quota according to the actual purchase quantity of the previous year's.
(4)Members can enjoy the distinguished services provided by our company, and the packages offered by the Union businesses.

Repurchase Commitments:
Gold and Diamond member purchase full quota in one transaction: regarding to the rest of white diamond wine within one year from the date of purchase, provided the wine is well-packed and well preserved, our company promises to purchase the wine back at the price of the annual rate 10% of its purchase price(On a daily basis).

The join of new members should be recommended by existing members.

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