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产地: 新西兰旺阿雷
年份: 2019
酒精度: 13%-13.5%
类型: Sweet Wine
容量: 750ml
试饮温度: 4摄氏度
市场价格: ¥6600/支




将冰桶用等量的冰和水填充至四分之三满,将酒瓶完全浸没在冰水中40分钟至酒温6-8 °C饮用最佳。




Inheritance of 100 years of cultivation and brewing technology

“Only 70% is decided by fruit ,another 30% is depend on brewing technique” –this has become world’s grape industry consensus, while Longview Estate applies 5:5 golden ratio to brew white diamond wine. The white diamond grape has high sugar content and strong aroma with mall berries , thick peel, hard grape seed and low liquor output, which holds winemakers back. After generations’ developingand practice, Vuletich family mastered a unique maceration and crush technologies that takes the disadvantage of thick peel into advantage to distill the original flavoring substances in grape fruits at the extreme. That is the way to brew charming aroma of white diamond grape.



  • 葡萄树的平均树龄在30年以上
  • 每颗葡萄树的挂果有限定,以确保每粒葡萄汁的浓度;
  • 采用天然种植方式,杜绝农药和化肥;
  • 只用防护网防止鸟虫侵食,崇尚自然;
  • 补充养分,只有秘方特制的海藻液;
  • 人工采摘,未达标的葡萄将作为有机肥;
  • 欠佳年份减产白钻石,以确保其品质和声誉;
  • 独特的浸皮压榨技术,低温(13.5 - 15摄氏度)发酵技术;
  • 葡萄架搭建在坐西向东的坡地,让葡萄能享受充分的海风和阳光;

Whangarei Producing Area in New Zealand


Locating in the southern hemisphere, New Zealand is the world’s southernmost wine-producing areas with crossing area more than 1,600 km from the subtropical climate northern to the mountainous southern. New Zealand has become one of the most important wine producing regions in the world in the past30 years due to the variety of climate and soil types that have created many different flavours wines. The treasure variety-white diamond only can be grew in Whangarei producing-area where is rich in minerals and the organic ingredients of marine shellfish developed in the movement of the crust in prehistory, and enjoys a subtropical climate.


In Whangarei producing-area , sunshine time is long and temperature difference is bigger. Wind blows from southwest to northeast most of the time during the day. At night, minerals are took to be trapped over this rich mineral land by oceanic wind. Due to the unique regional climate, the ripening of white diamond grape is earlier than normal grapes, avoiding the losses caused by the rainy season before harvest.