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Longview Estate

Longview Estate was established by the century-old European wine family Vuletich Family in 1969. The history of the Vuletich Family dates back to the 17th century in Croatia. The family have grown grapes and made wine for generations, with progressive improvements in wine and quality.

The wines made by the Vuletich Family were welcomed by the local province.

Our History

White Diamond Wine Kept in Purdah Is Not Vet Avail

The Birth


In 1870, the white diamond grape has successfully cross bred by Concord x Iona in New York State. This grape has peel thick, small fruit, high sugar, and strong aroma.

Best Green Grape


White Diamond grape was hailed as the best green grape by wine critics-UP Hedric.

First Vine Planted


Longview Estate was founded by Mate Vuletich, a descendant of the Croatian Vuletich winemaking family, and planted the first vine in Whangarei, Northland, New Zealand.



Longview Estate was established by the century-old European wine family Vuletich Family in 1969.

Hurun Best


Longview Estate’s White Diamond wine won the “Hurun Best of the Best Awards Sweet Wine Star Performer”. White Diamond Wine won the ``Tenth Golden Bottle Award-Most Rare Grape Variety`` award in one fell swoop!

Notable Trees of NZ


The White Diamond vines, which exceeds 50 years in the AFCLV, has been recognised as Notable trees of New Zealand.

Our Story

Renowned Winemaker-Mr. White Diamond

White diamond grapes have a superior quality which was once popular among fruit farmers and wine critics. However, most fruit farmers have to keep it at a peaceful distance for its low productivity and returns. Notwithstanding, Vuletich Family was deeply attracted by this grape that has intense aromas and exotic grape juices. After decades of exploration and studying, Vuletich Family finally developed a set of independent viticulture method for the birth of white diamond wine.

White diamond wine is very popular in local markets for its superior quality that the Vuletich family applies an idealistic approach regardless of cost to brew white diamond wine , and always adhere to the principle of putting quality before quantity. The heir to Vuletich family-Mario is known locally as Mr. White Diamond.

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White Diamond

This wine is made from White Diamond grape grown exclusively at Longview Estate. A sweet, fragrant, fruity wine, with an intense grape flavour. Goes down well with cheese, desserts, Asian, Thai and Indian cuisine.


Reserve Gewürztraminer

2017 and 2016 exceptional fruit to craft our “Reserve Gewurztraminer”. This is only achievable in years with cool nights and warm days allowing for a good balance of acidity and generous mouth feel. Rose petal and Turkish Delight aromas are displayed, with great viscosity on the palate, achieved by a long cool fermentation.